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Most of us don’t give a second thought to the way we organize our homes. Fashion over function has become the mantra of modern interior design and few of us are willing to compromise when it comes to making our homes look, feel and be exactly as we want them to be.

Caring for Those Who Care

These days, Baby Boomers and members of the sandwich generation are a busy bunch.  If they’re not chasing after their kids, or putting in time at the office, they might be looking after their aging parents or relatives and it can be exhausting. 

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Submitted by Vicky Forest, Foot Care Nurse – We Care Home Health Services

When you have diabetes, proper foot care is very important. Poor foot care can lead to serious health problems, including amputation.

It is very important to understand the connection between diabetes and foot care. People with diabetes are more vul ...

The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, today reminded Canadian families of a new federal tax credit that came into effect on January 1, 2012, to assist them in caring for their loved ones.

“Our Government is committed to supporting Canadian families through our low-tax plan for jobs and growth,” said Minister Flah ...

Learn more from We Care's Bob Attfield, Regional Director for Western Canada through his webinar on making the difficult decision on whether a loved one needs home care or support.

Watch the full webinar here: Introducing Home Care to Resistant Parents

By, Stephanie Erickson, MSW, PSW, LCSW - Home Care Health Services

Every time you visit your parents, you notice that they are having more and more difficulty keeping the house clean. They seem to be losing weight, and when you look in the refrigerator, you can see why. Clearly their nutritional needs are not being met. You suggest th ...

No one likes getting older.  With each passing year, life can bring with it new challenges, new ailments and new obstacles. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to slow down the progression of health conditions. 


Healthy Aging: Caring for Seniors and Those Living With Chronic Disease
Best Practices in Health Care
Julia Sommers RN
Student # 48860
Continuous Quality Improvement for Healthcare Professionals
Submitted to Canadian Healthcare Association January 31,2009

So often in working with families, adult children ask me for suggestions on how to get their parents to acknowledge their deficits and accept help. The children believe their parent is no longer able to live autonomously, but is refusing to consider a supportive environment. At times, the adult children add that they have ...