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What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

When you take great pride in delivering an exceptional service, it’s very rewarding to hear back from clients who appreciate your efforts. Here’s what our clients are saying:

Kathy Knapp and Family - Barrie ON
"On behalf of my family, I would like to thank the staff of We Care for the wonderful service we received for my grandmother this past winter. 
 We hired a PSW to assist her in her retirement home until her hospitalization, then we were pleased to have that same exemplary service in the hospital until my grandmother passed away.
Firstly, I would like to thank the Client Care Supervisor for her quick action in booking our services and accommodating our requests - especially during the busy holiday season and on short notice. She was efficient and understanding and so easy for us to work with. Our requests were always cheerfully received and she did her best to provide the hours we requested, and increased as needed. I truly appreciated her care and compassion.
Secondly, our PSW was caring, compassionate and provided excellent care both in the home and in the hospital. My grandmothers last days were made comfortable, she had company when family couldn't be there and our PSW's presence gave both my grandmother and the family peace of mind knowing that she was being well cared for. We were all touched at the special bond that they shared.
I would highly recommend the services of We Care and their staff to provide caring, compassionate and professional service. We were all very pleased with the level of service received which allowed my grandmother to die with dignity.
Thank you We care team for a job well done,
Kathy Knapp and family
Janis B, New Brunswick
"I realize that my sister Laura sent a notice to your office but I would like to add that personally and on behalf of the family I would very much like to thank you and your team for the care and support over the last many months at our residence.

Your company has been a support and caring safety net helping not only myself, my siblings but my parents as well. We appreciate very much the efforts you took to be there for us all and the level of care you gave our parents. We realize that the situation was not an easy one making the efforts you took even more valuable to us.

Truly we don't know what people do without a company like WeCare being available to them so we very much appreciate that you were there when we needed you.

Thank you again"

Janis B

Lisa, daughter of client in Trail British Columbia

"I do not know what I would have done without WeCare's help, it is so hard being so far away.  It just makes me realize how fortunate I am to have all of you in our lives."
Daughter Lisa 

Alma D., British Columbia
"When my husband began to experience the more serious effects of Lou Gherig’s disease, I needed some assistance for his personal care. Every second day, for two years now, We Care staff have arrived at 8 a.m. on the dot, and taken Eric through his morning routine. They wake him up, give him a shower, dress him, comb his hair, shave him, make and feed him breakfast and then give him movement exercises. Then they just sit and talk to him like he's a person. He can't speak, so most people assume he doesn't think. He's sharp as a whip mentally. They treat him with total respect and he has his dignity when they leave. We certainly couldn't ask for better people, we really couldn't. They sure make Eric's day every time they're here."
Pamela, Scarborough
“Rose Marie was more than helpful to me. She was an excellent caregiver, especially in exercise therapy. I highly recommend her.”
Shirley, Scarborough
“Thank you for all the outstanding care your company provides through excellent care providers. We tried several companies with much disappointment until the retirement home put us in touch with your firm. Your providers have a far greater work ethic than most of the other care providing companies. Also we found it incredibly helpful that you provide round the clock phone service.”
Doug, Scarborough
“If all your ladies are as good and kind as ours, you have a good organization. We love our Wendy. Don’t ever take her away.”
Joan, Durham Region
“Your Nurse Manager was very prompt and friendly upon meeting us in mom’s apartment. Mom instantly felt that she was in good hands and was put at ease. Mom also holds Redell in high esteem. She is very pleased with the work and care provided and looks forward to having her. For me, the extra care for mom has relieved me of some of the load I have been carrying for so long.”
Barbara, Durham Region
“We have been very pleased with the caregiver sent to care for my mother-in-law. She enjoys the 'cheery' notes that Eileen leaves for her each morning before she leaves.”
Janette, Durham Region
“I love 'Lily days'. She is a conscientious person and I am always pleased with her work. We love Lily!”
Sylvia, Vernon
“This is a note of appreciation with respect to our family’s gratitude that We Care has been providing invaluable services to our parents since last spring. Of particular note is the professionalism of your aide, Lee-Ann. She has a definite understanding of their feelings and with much patience has helped them agree to changes that have become necessary in their lives. She helped us with my parents move which would have been an added task that would have been hard to accomplish as both my sister and I live in a different city. Her consultations are invaluable to me.”
Pat, Vernon
“We Care always comes through when I need quality staff to fill in at short notice. I appreciate that their staffing is consistent, their staff are courteous, friendly and hardworking.”
Kathy, Vernon
“Recently with very little notice We Care provided us with a staff member who performed very well. We find it very convenient to have We Care available to us, as they are very flexible and provide a wide range of services.”
Janet, Kamloops
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the excellent care my Mum received from everyone there. You ladies are lifesavers.
Donna, Kingston
My mother recently passed away. We Care Kingston provided PSW’s for 4+ weeks. My brothers and I were truly amazed by the skill, dedication and tenderness shown my mother by PSW’s Jeci, Lisa and the incomparable Wanda. They are a real credit to We Care and our acknowledgement of their skills was shared by the two RN’s on my mother’s case.

As well, I want to compliment the manager for her speedy response to all my calls – even the initial one at 9:15 P.M. Her calm manner, professionalism and fast action were a blessing to our family.
Jackie W, Program Manager, Homewood Health Centre, Kitchener
The front line staff working within the Program for Older Adults are very happy with the staff from your company. We have seen respectful, courteous, warm-caring individuals who serve their patients very well. Their work is valued by the families and by our program staff.

We value "We Care" staff so much because in addition to the qualities described above, your staff are reliable and punctual. Your staff are aware of and respect their professional boundaries (they are hired as companions). Your staff adhere to Infection Prevention and Control strategies.

On behalf of the P.O.A. Team, thank you for the Service that you provide.

Jackie W
Program Manager/

Patient Care Co-ordinator
Homewood Health Centre

Marika, Kitchener
The week went fine with Kim - I feel very comfortable with her in our home. I hope Kim is fine with my mother-in-law...she's a very nice lady, but sometimes she has really cranky days and it requires a lot of patience. I'm sure Kim understands that.

Things are going well with Kim and Melanie, and Sandra did really well with Augusta on her first day. They are all very good in taking care of her despite the fact that Augusta can't speak/communicate her needs, and will sometimes get a bit fussy. They can all handle those episodes quite well and can make her laugh. So everything is going well.

Thanks for checking in.
Murry, Kitchener
This note is to express his sincere thanks for helping me achieve my goals of keeping my parents at home until they passed.

Without the dedicated staff at We Care this would not have been possible.

My compliments to management, scheduling, on-call as well as all caregivers that were sent
Ian and Caroline M. - North Shore
We have experienced nothing but pleasure with all the We Care staff. They have bent over backwards to assist our mother. A big 'Thank You' to everyone at We Care on our behalf."
Sally F. - North Shore
I think that people who assist in caregiving for families probably don't know how much they are valued and appreciated and needed. We Care fills a huge role in helping families out and I don't think I have ever seen anyone being short-tempered or nasty once- can't say that for myself in my job at all. Cheers and keep well.
Donna F, Prince George
I am most impressed with the care and compassion the We Care Ladies have shown me. Any and all of my questions were answered in a timely and courteous manner.
Mary L, Sudbury

The wonderful caregivers from We Care Home Health Services have looked after my Mother for the past three years in her own home. My Mother who will be 103 years old in April 2007 still shows remarkably good health. She looks forward to her euchre games with the staff from We Care Home Health Services and so enjoys beating them at every game. I am very pleased with everything that they have done for my Mom and I really do depend on them as I live out of the Province. The staff at We Care Home Health Services treat my Mom as if she were a member of their own family. I highly recommend We Care Home Health Services if you need help looking after your loved ones. 


Regina, Saskatchewan
"Words can never say all that is in my heart, but I thank you all so deeply for helping to keep my Mom in her own 'pretty little home' for her last years. We were a good team. My Mom's funeral service, in her church, was warm and beautiful. She truly looked as if she was sleeping so peacefully. I would like to thank Heather for taking over where Brenda left off. She was my Mom's friend to the end. As a nurse, I know it is not easy to lose patients you become attached to. All of you truly care and share."
Linda R, Kamloops
It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that I write to you today. I am so very pleased with the visits you provided to my Mom during the last months of her life.

While I never met you nor could get any feedback from Mom directly, I know in my heart that your undivided attention to her during your visits meant the world to her.

She was a loving, kind woman who enjoyed volunteering and serving others, so I know she appreciated your time spent with her.

Thank you for the work you so lovingly do and know that you are in my thoughts and daily blessings.
Bob G, Kamloops
Kathy did indeed exceed our expectations. She has a wealth of medical and life experience. She works for the client’s best interest by providing the care and respect any human deserves. I believe she would never fall into a routine. She is very responsible. We are very glad Kathy came to help.
Scott W, Kamloops
On behalf of my family, I want to extend heartfelt thanks to all you have done to ensure that our Mom received the most considerate, comprehensive care available. She spoke of each of you as being greatly helpful, insightful and genuinely concerned for her well-being.

I hope to be able to say thanks in person when I am home at Christmas to visit. My sister is with Dad until I return and as questions about his welfare and continued care arise, we will be sure to seek your compassionate opinions and assistance.
Homecare Client, Winnipeg Manitoba
I would like to express my appreciation for the exceptional service I have received from WeCare staff during June and July during my recovery from knee surgery.

Since I had to return home alone from hospital following surgery, I depended almost entirely on Merle and Liza for my personal care, meals, and housekeeping. Their caring concern helped me overcome my feelings of loneliness and depression. They provided consistent and compassionate care and seemed always to anticipate the help that I needed. The result was that I felt safe, well cared for, and able to concentrate on my healing process.

Hélén L, Quebec
"Homecare has been absolutely essential to my recovery from my severe leg injury. My husband is a doctor and he is very busy with his patients, so we needed someone to help at home. The homecare nurse has been wonderful. In addition to taking care of me, she has also been great in keeping up my morale."
Kathleen S., Nova Scotia
"After my bowel surgery, I could walk, but only very slowly, and I was in some pain. For three weeks I relied on the help of a We Care home support worker. She cleaned, she cooked, and she looked after me. I could not have gotten along without her."

The following are testimonials from We Care's health-at-work clients:

“We Care has been able to provide a wide range of Wellness clinic options, including bone density screening, blood glucose testing, cholesterol testing and blood pressure monitoring and has been successful at executing these clinics in major urban centres.”
Home Hardware
“We Care was well organized and very flexible in completing an additional 114 assessments though there were already 402 assignments pre-booked. Feedback from our staff survey indicated that We Care was a popular exhibitor at the fair and provided valuable health information to our staff.”
"We Care has consistently been able to meet and exceed our expectations. It is a joy to work with staff that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of our business, and who respond to our concerns promptly and in a professional manner.”